This year's fair teamed up with the foundation KLOKART, where you will have the opportunity to purchase original products and also contribute to a good cause.


KlokArt is a charity project of the Endangered Children's Fund, all proceeds of which go to help endangered children from Klokánek.

Well-known personalities, but also the public, create original motifs, which are then reflected on clothes, fashion accessories or household products to help children in need. Entities involved in the Klokart project (creators, graphic artists, printers and other volunteers) provide their services for free, without the right to a fee, just as business entities give up their margin and supply goods at purchase prices in order to maximize the funds obtained, and thus up to 70% the sale price of all Klokart products goes to the Endangered Children's Fund. During the 7 years of its existence, it brought more than 2 million crowns to Klokánky, and 16 collections were created.

At Klokart, we focus primarily on quality and sustainable fashion from certified sources. However, so that everyone can choose with us, we also choose cheaper alternatives. We have carefully described all the features of individual products according to our experience with cuts, materials and sizes, so that the product corresponds as closely as possible to your preferences.

We hope that by purchasing products from Klokart, you will make not only the children from Klokánek happy, but also yourself and enjoy wearing and using them.