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FOR FAMILY(FOR KIDS, FOR PETS, FOR HORSE) is opening their gates  04-07 April 2019 for all the children with their parents, pet lovers, horse fans and anyone who is interested! We build on the success that attracted over 289 exhibitors and over 37 000 visitors from all around the world.


If you are willing to be a part of this event and see yourselves as one of the exhibitors, the right time to apply is NOW! The advantages of applying now are the perfect available location and the cheapest prices. 


Do not hesitate to ask for an individual offer, calculation or any other question

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Star Wars upon us!

This year, this Saturday you will once again experience the presence of Star Wars members of the costume organisation Czech Garrison.

You can see them at their stand or at the exhibition area 


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KITIKATE - unique and organic clothing for babies and children!

The GRAND PRIX winner for the TOP EXPO - FOR BABIES Trade fair 2017 - KITIKATE will be present at For Kids this year.

You will have a chance to see this unique but most important - ORGANIC clothes for babies and children. 

,,Kitikate has a beautiful and thoughtful range of garments, designed with fun, colour and movement in mind.The design of our baby clothes combines fashion and quality as well as functionality at a reasonable price. Products it forms always have an emotional connection with  our customers ,  has become a tradition in life, shaping the dimensions of health, quality and comfort."

Kitikate’s vision is to be a sustainable and affordable children’s brand.



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The 14th annual exhibition of childrens products will take place with the spring fairs FOR FAMILY from 12th to 15th April 2018 in PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

If you are interested in expanding the list of exhibitors, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

The first closing date for discounted price is 30 November 2017.

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For better orientation so that you would not get lost

For a better orientation we enclose plan of the exhibition with marked halls of particular trade fairs. Workshops of are situated in Entrance Hall I, Conference hall 2 – marked on a plan by logo with a bee. Nursing and changing corner is to be found in the Hall 4, Stand 4a8. Great supporting programmes - sports and activity zone, racing ATVs and bibliobus Oskar wait you in the Hall 5, right after the exhibition cats, dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs.

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Dear mothers, are your toddlers "junkie" on the pacifier and do not  give it up voluntarily even when they do not actually need it?

We agreed on a long-term cooperation with PACIFIER elf and at the spring fair would again grow ''Pacifier tree'' for children.

The tree you would find in the Entrance Hall 1. For sure, you would not miss it, the tree would be decorated with pacifiers and around the tree there would be pacifier spacer. Under the tree there would be ready a basket into which your child throws unnecessary pacifier. Thus he or she would be a godfather to the baby, who would this pacifier "inherit" :-).

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Firstly in our exhibition FOR KIDS 2016 will take part company Lamagik,S.L.  from Spain.

Lamagik,S.L. is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of dolls located in Onil, Alicante. With more than 25 years of experience in this sector, we have two main brands: Magic Baby, the dolls from ever and Elfos de Pep Catalá, characters with life! We offer a wide range of dolls from conventional playing dolls to collectible ones. Our collections are handmade and manufactured to a very high standard in Spain. Each one of Lamagik’s product is a unique design which is patented and registered worldwide.


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Spring trade fair FOR KIDS is a perfect place for presentation of strollers, car seats, children's fashion collections and toys. At the trade fair you will have a unique opportunity to introduce outdoor equipment for children, bikes and scooters. If your products are designed to make life easier for children or their parents, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Video report from spring 2015

Video report from the previous set of trade fairs FOR FAMILY 2015

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Final Report 2018

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